"Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!"

Josh and Beth Paulick on September 7, 2020

    One of the days this week during my Bible reading, I was reading in Psalm 33, verses 6-8.  “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their hosts. He gathers the waters of the sea as a heap; he puts the deeps in storehouses.  Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!”  Recently Josh and I, along with Owen, were able to get down to Lomé, the capital city to do some shopping for us and for some teammates of us who were arriving.  When we go down there, we all typically stay at a hotel right on the beach.  There is just something about the ocean that is so refreshing to me.  I am constantly reminded of God’s beauty and majesty, and His power in listening to the roar of the waves.  I went to bed, listening to the waves and just resting in His faithfulness and love.  We pray so much that the world will “stand in awe of Him!”

owenoceansurprise Owen loved the ocean!

    Covid has complicated arrivals, but Togo has been slowly opening its borders.  When people arrive now, they are supposed have a negative Covid test prior to boarding a flight, get a test at the airport, and to “self-isolate” after arrival until they have a negative test.  This does complicate things for those arriving a little as far as being able to grocery shop in the capital city.  Although, we are getting to the point where we can get most anything in Mango or Kara (a city 2 hours south of us), so we don’t have as much need to get things from the capital city.  It is nice to go down every once in a while to a “real” grocery store and stock up on some items that are harder to find here (like Jif peanut butter).  We were thankful to be able to get at least some of the items our teammates wanted to be able to start their life in Mango and we were so excited to welcome them to Mango!  The Chmil family arrived safely in Mango and my kids (and us!) are so excited to have them here.  We were in Albertville at language school together and Steven is a surgeon and will be working with Josh after they get settled in.  They were such an encouragement to us in language school and we are so thankful to be serving with them.  
    Also arriving was our kids teacher, Amanda.  She was willing to bring 100 pounds of books with her (on the flight, thank the Lord, they let her and she was willing!) so that the kids could start some of their subjects.  The rest will be arriving on the container when it hopefully arrives sometime in October.  Our kids are so ready to start school again and they start on September 8th.  (Mama is ready for them to start too!). Eli will be in 3rd grade this year, and Avery will be in 1st.  With Isaiah having an August 31st birthday, we decided to wait another year before sending him to kindergarten, so he will stay home with Owen and Beth.  I am really excited to start a Pre-K curriculum with him though once the kids start school.  Owen gets to hang out with us and most likely will be involved with it somehow too, (because he is definitely a busy boy!).  
    Josh has been very busy at the hospital, building relationships with the guys he works with. We have had 2 men recently accept the Lord, unfortunately the illnesses that brought them to the hospital ended up being terminal cancer.  
    We are really hoping with 3 surgeons and with things opening backup slowly that we will be able to be involved with a church plant and be able to get to know people in the community better but as of right now churches still are not permitted to meet here Togo.  Please pray that the churches will be able to meet again.  The churches have been meeting in small groups, but as we have 6 people in our family, it makes it challenging to attend one.  We also normally have a Sunday night service as a missionary community, but as Togo has limited gatherings to 15 people, we are unable to meet.  We are looking forward to being able to meet again.  

Prayer and Praises
1.). Praise for the kids start school on Monday and their teacher Amanda was able to bring the books with her.  
2.). Praise that the Chmil family has arrived, which means more friends for my children and another surgeon to share the work load.  
3.). Please pray that the churches will be able to start meeting together again.  
4.). Please pray for the children and teachers as school starts.

kidssign Owen, 2 years; Elijah, 8 years; Avery, 6 years; Isaiah, 5 years
familypicsign Paulick Family August 2020