No Fear....

Josh and Beth Paulick on August 26, 2019

    “Je ne suis plus esclave de la peur….”  It’s interesting reflecting back on this past year.  We’ve almost hit the one year mark from arriving in Albertville.  This time last year we were finishing up packing and trying to say our goodbyes.  That seems in many ways so long ago now.  This has been a very challenging, draining and exhausting year.  It’s been very easy to get discouraged and to allow fear to control us.  I wrote in our first prayer here using this song.  At that point, I understood the words to the chorus (probably after looking them up later haha.), but not much else.  It was discouraging.  This morning, we sang this song again in church and I was so encouraged to realize I knew it!  I understood the lyrics!  I realized how much has changed in a year.  I still am struggling with confidence in speaking, but I am understanding so much more than I was a year ago!  We often have to remind the kids at night that, “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  (Joshua 1:9).  I am so thankful once again for this reminder that we are “no longer a slave to fear.  I am a Child of God.”  
    It is almost September and time for school to start again!  We start up classes again September 2nd and the kids start school the same day.  I have no idea where this summer has gone!  Josh finished his exams the end of June and passed them, so he will be continuing on to the next class.  At the beginning of July he did a two week conversational course.  Beth continued on in her class and had her exams July 9-12 and passed hers as well.  We both were done with classes on July 16th for the summer and were very thankful for the break.
    After we finished class for the day on the 16th, we left to meet Beth’s parents in Geneva.  We spent a week touring Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; Salzburg, Austria; and Venice, Italy.  We really enjoyed getting to see the different scenery and the beautiful cities.  Venice was just beautiful with the canals.  After that, we were able to spend almost a week here in Albertville with them before they had to head back to the states.  It was very hot while they were in Albertville, so we went for walks in the morning and then took it easy for the afternoons.  They were able to experience a French church service and a team cookout.  It was a really busy two weeks, but we were so thankful for them being able to be here and to celebrate Owen’s first birthday as well as Grandma’s birthday while they were here.

IMG_2230 With Grandma and Grandpa at Conflans

    The kids finished school at the beginning of July.  They were very happy for a break as well.  Avery will be moving up to the elementary (elementaire) next week and was able to go and see the classrooms before school was done for the summer.  I hope she will like school a little better this year.  It’s been hard to see her struggling so much this last year.  She really is doing well and we are both really proud of how she is doing in school, but she just doesn’t like it.  Eli is doing really well with picking up French.  Every once in a while he throws French in, and I’ve over heard him talking to his French friends, so we know he is picking it up better than he is letting on.  Isaiah knows how to count and knows his colors better in French than English.  He is doing really well with picking up two languages also.  Owen turned one on July 18th.  He’s walking around now and is having fun exploring his new world.  When we play outside, he is constantly surrounded by little girls loving on him.  
    At the beginning of August, we spent a week as a family at a campground by Normandy, France.  We spent most of the time at the campground, swimming and spending time together as a family, but we also were able to go to Omaha and Utah Beaches, as well as the American Cemetery in Normandy.  Omaha and Utah Beaches are the two beaches that Americans “stormed” on D-Day.  We went to a couple museums where they talked about D-Day and France at that time.  It was really interesting.  It was also cool that when we got back, they were celebrating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Albertville during World War II from Nazi occupation.  Eli really enjoyed learning about the history of the war, and it was so humbling to be on those beaches.

utahbeachmemorial Utah Beach US Navy Monument
IMG_2441 American cemetery in Normandy
Omahabeach Kids at Omaha Beach in Normandy

    Now we have one more week to study, rest, welcome new students, and get ready for the new school year.  The kids still miss their friends who have left, but have enjoyed the friends that are still here and have already made some new friends. Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We are so thankful for the work God is doing here and pray we will remain faithful in our part.  

Prayer and Praises
1.). Please pray for us as we start our new school year
2.). Praise for the progress we have made already!
3.). Please pray specifically for the hearts of our children as school has been tough.
4.). Praise for the rest and time together this summer.

chateaudambiose Family at Chateau d'Amboise