Psalm 121

Josh and Beth Paulick on June 19, 2019

belleetoilestorm Mountain view

    Psalm 121 says, “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from where shall my help come? 2 My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  3 He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.  4 Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.  5 The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade on your right hand.  6 The sun will not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. 7 The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.  8 The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.”  With the daily reminder, this passage has been constantly in my head and on my heart this past few weeks.  I am so thankful for the beautiful mountains and this constant reminder.  It’s so amazing to remember that God never sleeps and can be a constant Father, friend and companion to us.  It’s our natural reaction to be annoyed by our children coming in to us in the middle of the night, but I was reminded this morning as I got up with Owen that God is never annoyed with us and never tires of us.  He is always with us and cares for us and wants to know our burdens and anxieties.  
    We are in a new transition of exams and goodbyes.  Josh has exams starting tomorrow, Thursday and has them Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  He has been trying to prepare as much as he can and be diligent in learning, as we still struggle to balance it all. (It would seem that after 10 months we would figure this out haha.).  I know he would envy your prayers at this time.  Josh will be finished with class next week until September.  He is taking a summer conversation course though that he is looking forward to and hoping it will help put into practice some of what he is learning now.  I am still continuing on in my class and I take my exams July 9-12.  We are both done for the summer on July 16th.  
    The children are done with school on July 5th.  We are hoping to sign them up for a summer program through Albertville during part of the summer.  I know they are looking forward to being done with school!  Eli keeps reminding us that he has 2 months off of school and we only have a month and half.  Please pray for them this summer though, as this will be a big transition for them as some of their good friends are leaving and it is going to be difficult to say goodbye.  And difficult for us as adults to say goodbye to our friends, but we knew this would be coming.  The kids don’t understand.  I am so thankful though that many of their friends are staying and new families are coming in September, but please pray for them through the transition.  
    We are really looking forward to the summer.  We have family coming to visit and are looking forward to our time spent with them, and we have a trip planned where we will stay at a campground near Normandy.  We also are looking to some time spent here, exploring Albertville and the area and putting into practice the French that we have been learning.  
Prayers and Praises
1.) Please pray for exams
2.) Praise that we have a nice long break coming up with family coming to visit
3.) Please pray for good goodbyes as many of our friends here are leaving.
4.) We praise the Lord for you all who read our updates and pray for us regularly.