"Do I trust you?"

Josh and Beth Paulick on July 30, 2018

    A little over two years ago when my father-in-law passed away, Josh’s mom shared a song that was helping her.  The Lord brought this song to my mind today (July 24th) and it has been playing in my head off and on since then! 

“Sometimes my little heart can't understand
What’s in Your will, what’s in Your plan
So many times I’m tempted to ask You why
But I can never forget it for long
Lord, what You do could not be wrong
So I believe you even when I must cry

Do I trust You, Lord?  Does the river flow?
Do I trust You, Lord? Does the north wind blow?
You can see my heart, You can read my mind
And You've got to know, I would rather die
Than to lose my faith in the One I love
Do I trust You, Lord? Do I trust You?…”

(Do I trust You, Lord? By Twila Paris)

    We have some exciting news!  Owen Lucas Paulick has arrived!  He was born on July 18th and was our biggest baby at 9lbs 8oz and 20 1/2 inches!

19-DSC_5455 Paulick family
17-DSC_5441 Owen Lucas

     Although with that joy came some challenges as I (Beth) am working on this prayer letter from the NICU at Dayton Childrens where Owen has been admitted for jaundice.  His bilirubin is too high and has been under “bili-lights” to help bring it down.

IMG_2865 Owen in NICU

    He is responding well to his treatment and we pray for continued improvement.  The other kids are having a hard time with not having Mommy around and having Mommy being busy with a baby, so it’s been challenging from that aspect as well.  They all adore Owen and even Isaiah frequently wants to make sure he knows where Owen is. 

01-DSC_5399 Avery and Owen

    Sometimes it can be hard to see what God is trying to teach us and is trying to do, which is why this song has been running through my head.  We were supposed to be packing up our house on Thursday (the 26th) to take some of our belongings up to Michigan where they will be loaded on a container to be sent to Togo.  That did not happen, but are still planning on loading up a Uhaul to take up our belongings on August 11th and hopefully just moving out of our apartment that weekend.  We have already given our notice and have to be out of our apartment by August 15th.  We have plane tickets for August 26th to leave for language school!  
    We are choosing to trust that we are following God’s plan and continue on following through with what we can and pray for wisdom to know his will.  
    We have more exciting news as with some verbal commitment from churches we have officially reached 100% of our minimum funding required by ABWE and have officially received our financial clearance!  We have 6 “clearances” we need to get in order to be able to leave by the end of August.  We have received 3, kind of 4 of those clearances.  We will receive our medical clearance after we have Owen’s well child check later this week.  Beth still has a few lessons on her course in order for us to receive our educational clearance, and then we just need our official final clearance, so we are getting close!!  Here is our finished puzzle! 

100% 100%!

    We have a commissioning service scheduled for August 19th at Washington Heights Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.  Our commissioning service is in the morning at 9 and about 10:20.  We would like to extend the invitation to anyone who would like to attend.  Please let us know if you would like to attend!  

 Praises and Prayer Requests
1.) We reached 100% of our minimum funding required through ABWE!
2.) Please pray for our adjustment to having a new baby and all the challenges that have come with that.  
3.) We have tickets and are anticipating a department August 26th!
4.) Please pray that we can get everything packed up and out of our house by August 15th!  

Update: We came home from the NICU on July 25th!  Owen’s bilirubin came down quickly and he has been doing well!  We are still working on getting him to eat well, but he is doing much better!  Here is a cute picture of him from the day we were discharged from the NICU!

Owen discharge picture Owen Discharge picture