"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!"

Josh and Beth Paulick on May 10, 2018

“Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above ye Heavenly host, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.”  Friday evening 18 missionaries stood in the Rotunda of ABWE headquarters, sang together and prayed for each other.  It was so humbling and encouraging to have brothers and sisters in Christ lifting each other up and “sending” each other off to their field of service.  People heading to Asia, South America, Africa, and beyond.   

We just finished up our two week training with ABWE last weekend.  We had such a great time there, getting to be fellow missionaries and learning so much helpful information!  We had to face the reality of going through a security training where we had to think through situations we would rather not have to think through, but this is the reality of our world now.  We had a couple days on how to deal with communicating with teammates, which will be very helpful for the field (and even in marriage!).  It was a very valuable time and we came away a lot more confident about where God has us.  Eli stayed back in the Dayton area with his grandma and grandpa while Avery and Isaiah were able to go with us and play in the childcare while we were in classes.  Eli had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa, but definitely missed us, which was hard to hear.  

We are working on getting things checked off our list though now to prepare for leaving in August.  However, in order to leave in August, we have to be at 100% of our minimal funding required by ABWE.  Currently, we have about 90% of that support.  So we need you more now than ever!  We need 4 more partners (individuals or churches) at $100/month, 5 partners at $50/month and 4 at $25/month in order to meet our goal (or a different combination of those!).  Our goal is to reach 100% by the end of May!  Please let us know if you would like more information and we would love to share our ministry that we feel God is calling us too!  

Here is our updated puzzle!  Every piece represents $30/month of the minimum monthly funding required by ABWE. 

90%! 90% of our monthly requirements

We have a busy few months coming up.  The kids are finishing up school this month and as much as they love school, I think both are ready for summer to come.  We are working on getting Beth’s courses finished this month.  We are also working on getting a shipping container to start getting it packed so we don’t have as much to do once the baby comes.  

We are speaking at churches almost every Sunday in June and will both be helping with Vacation Bible School at Washington Heights Baptist Church at the beginning of June.  The kids are really looking forward to being able to go as well.  Our baby boy is due July 21st, but we are praying that as long as he is healthy and if it’s God’s timing, that hopefully he will born towards the beginning of the month of July.  

We have a fundraiser going on right now that ends tomorrow (May 11th) to help us to raise some of our Outfit and Passage (currently trying to finish raising the rest of the money ABWE is requiring for the house we will live in).  Here is the link to the facebook event if you are part of facebook!   



Schedule coming up:

June 3rd- Hope Bible Fellowship, Noblesville, IN

June 4th-8th- VBS at Washington Heights Baptist Church

June 10th- Calvary Baptist Church, Battle Creek, MI

June 22-24th- Washington Heights Global Impact Celebration



Prayer and Praises

1.) Praise that we are now at 90% of our minimum funding required through ABWE!!  

2.) Prayer that we would be able to get the last 10% of the minimum funding required by ABWE.  

3.) Praise that we were able to attend the last training at ABWE before we leave for the field.  

4.) Prayer that we would be able to receive all the clearances we need to get in order to leave in August for language school.

5.) Prayer that our baby will be healthy, but possibly born towards the beginning of the month of July.