Josh and Beth Paulick on July 31, 2017

    This week in Sunday School we talked about Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was an Israelite that served as a cupbearer to the king while in exile, but heard that Jerusalem was in ruins, with the walls broken down and the gates destroyed by fire.  He spent many days in fasting and prayer, while being very upset about this news.  He was sad and went before the king (which he says he hadn’t done before) and the king granted his request to go to Jerusalem.  We spent time talking about how he was submissive to God, and knew that God was in control.  He also knew he needed to follow through with what God was telling him to do. As soon as the king asked him what he wanted he had a list of things, this was a well thought out plan on Nehemiah’s part yet he was completely relying on God. This was very fitting for our lives right now.
    We have had a “stumble” in our plans and have been seeking God’s direction and wisdom at this point.  We have been under contract to sell our house in Kettering so it appeared as if everything was falling into place for us to sell that house and to be able to move into an apartment until we are able to leave in January for language school (as long as all of our monthly support is raised.).  However, a week ago today on our way to our training (Essential Mission Components) at ABWE we learned we had received a termination of contract.  We decided we couldn’t make any decisions while we were at the training as our main focus needed to be the training last week until this week (which I will share more about later).  
    Here are our decisions…  If we are under contract in the next week and a half on the house in Kettering, we will move into the apartment we have lined up as planned.  If we are not under contract, we will give up the apartment, and will move into our house, leaving it on the market still trying to sell it.  If we do this, it is possible that we will have to move our family 3 times in the next 6 months, which is not impossible, but not very easy.  Also, if we move into our house in Kettering and sell it in the first month or two, we will have short notice to find a place to live until the end of December.  We don’t want to have to worry about maintaining houses here in the United States while living in Togo, or even France. So this is big area for prayer in our lives right now as we seek God’s plan.  Please be praying with us that God would make it clear what He would have us to do.  (Along with that, we have been praying that we would have an offer and be under contact by the end of this week).  We also have someone interested purchasing our house in Cambridge, so please pray that we will be able to sell both houses quickly.  We are planning on moving into someplace August 12th. 
    We had an amazing week of training at ABWE!  It was such a time of refreshment with getting to spend time with so many teammates and a great time of learning.  We really like ABWE’s stance of national church planting being the main focus of ministry and learned so much about what our part in that is.  We all have a part in church planting, whether it’s through evangelism and discipleship, connecting with others, helping others grow in their faith, building up leaders in their community or so much more.  It was a really good week for the kids too.  Avery and Isaiah were in a nursery on site and had a lot of fun with their “new friends.”  
    Eli was able to be part of a program where he was able to ride a bus!  He kept saying his favorite part of the week was getting to ride the bus.  We know he learned a lot too.  The program was teaching them how to be third culture kids (missionary kids), but they were taking it to the next step, trying to get them to take ownership and be kid missionaries instead of missionary kids.  On the way home, Eli asked if we knew of the “40 window” and if we were going there.  He was talking about the 10/40 window (between the 10th parallel and 40th parallel), where missiologists say are the most unreached people.  Mango is at about the 11th parallel so it is within the 10/40 window.  He was excited to be able to tell people about Jesus there.  
    We are 75% funded with verbal commitments!  We are so excited about how God is continuing to move!  Our goal is to be at 80% by August 31st, so we only need 11 more pieces (each piece is $25 of our monthly support) to make that goal!  Please let us know if you would like more information about how to partner with us or if you know anyone who does. 

75% 75% of our monthly support

    We would like to be at 100% by the October 31st to give us time for final clearance to make it to language school in France by January.

Prayer and Praises
1.) Pray we would be able to be under contract with our house in Kettering this week!  
2.) Pray that we would have wisdom in our upcoming decisions
3.) Pray that we would make it to 80% by August 31st!
4.) Praise!  We had a very good week at our training session at ABWE last week!
5.) Praise that we are at 75%!