God is in Control!

Josh and Beth Paulick on July 14, 2016

    “God is in control” has very much been the theme of our lives recently.  We have been talking about Joseph in Sunday School and how much God was working in his life even though it was not always evident.  It has even been evident in the music we’ve been listening.  “I’m not gonna worry I know that You’ve got me right inside the palm of your hand.  Each and every moment what’s good and what gets broken happens just the way you plan.”  (Kari Jobe “Steady my Heart”)   
    In the month of June, we had the opportunity to attend a Muslim Evangelism course.  It was very eye opening learning more about what Muslims believe and why they believe it.  Elijah and Josh were even able to go visit a Mosque for an Iftar dinner (dinner breaking fast after sundown for Ramadan).  We learned a lot and were very humbled while we were there.  
    So we’ve gotten a few questions recently so I thought it would be helpful to explain the process we are going through to get to the mission field.  We are currently at about 33% of our monthly support raised.  To go to the next training for ABWE, we have to be at 50%.  Unfortunately we just missed the deadline to be able to attend that training this month, and it is only offered in July.  Once we reach 85% of our support, we have another training at ABWE that is offered in the fall and spring.  When we receive 100% of our monthly support, we are able to have final clearance to leave for the field.  For us, the first 18 months of our term will be spent in language school, most likely in France for us to be able to learn French (the national language of Togo.)  Because we will be spending the first part of our term in language school, we need to go when the semester start (August or January.)  We are still hopeful that there might be a possibility for us to leave in August of 2017, but as we have been learning lately, God is in control and He knows the perfect timing.
    Another question that we get frequently is….”I know Med School is expensive, do you have school loans and what are you planning to do about them?”  Part of the reason we went to private practice was to start paying those down while still working on our pre-field ministry.  We also have applied to Project MedSend.  Project MedSend is an organization that partners with medical missionaries to help pay school loans while missionaries are on the field full time.  We are so excited that they have accepted our application and we have been approved!  The next step they take is to raise the funds, which can take up to 18 months, but we are hopeful that this will also happen in God’s perfect timing.  
    We have had a few churches recently who are interested in hearing more about our ministry and we are excited to be able to share with those churches in the coming days.  (We are still working on scheduling dates for those churches.)  We are also excited to be able to attend the Missionary Enrichment (ME) Conference in July.  We are looking forward to this time of encouragement.  
    The kids are doing well, we’ve been involved in a summer reading program at the library as well as swim lessons through the YMCA.  Isaiah is already 10 months old and trying to keep up with the older two.  He’s cruising around the furniture and trying to let go and take off.  Elijah is starting preschool in the fall and asks frequently if it’s fall yet.  Avery is enjoying being home with Mommy.  
    It was with heavy hearts, we share the passing of another team member.  Cheryl Cleveland was a pharmacist who was working at the Hospital of Hope in Togo and was nearing the end of her 18 month commitment when the Lord called her home to be with Him.  Also, on a personal note, it was a difficult decision but Beth also decided to leave her position at the pregnancy center and is now staying home with the kids, hoping this will help with our pre-field ministry.  The last few days, the verse in Hebrews (6:19) continues to come to mind, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast…”  This hope is what continues to remind that God is in control and we are in His hands.  

Praise and Prayer
1.)  Please pray for our team members as they continue on in the Lord’s work while mourning the loss of another teammate.
2.)  Praise for new churches partnering with us!
3.)  Praise for attending ME next week!
4.)  Please pray for our pre-field ministry, that God would continue to raise up more partners.
5.) Praise that we were accepted by Project MedSend.