Josh and Beth Paulick on July 1, 2014

  Before Beth went on a missions trip to Mexico in 2009, Pastor Mikal Kildal gave all the team members a Gumby and Pokey.  Gumby and Pokey are very flexible and moldable toys, which was definitely a good reminder that in ministry (and in life), there is a need to learn how to be moldable and flexible to what God has for us.  Learning how to be flexible has been the biggest part of the last two months.
    Beth started work in the middle of May, and from the beginning learned very quickly about spiritual warfare.  It seemed that going into the ultrasound training, multiple issues came up making Beth think the training wasn’t going to happen, but with each issue that came up, God showed that His plans were bigger and better.  With everything solved going into the training, the one week that Beth had the training was the week that Avery ended up sick with a fever.  Beth was still able to do the training, but it ended with a lot of shuffling Avery back and forth between Josh and Beth.  The training was completed though and Avery got better after the week was over.  At this time, Beth is still getting some practical experience, performing ultrasounds, with the obstetricians in Cambridge.  
    Josh has a new partner joining July 1st and this should help him to be able to slow down a little at work so that he can spend more time working on pre-field ministry. We have just over a year left of the minimum commitment in Cambridge and so we are going to be working on support raising more aggressively over this next year.
    The construction at the hospital is continuing and the Togolese staff is being trained. It has not always been smooth sailing as there has been bumps along the road particularly with the staff, but it is still looking like the hospital is on track to open in January of 2015.
    Elijah and Avery seem to be adjusting well to day care. We found a Christian day care to send the kids to while Beth is at work. It is actually run by someone that goes to church with us. Avery has started crawling and enjoys chasing Eli and her mother. Elijah has started memorizing Bible verses with us, it seems that Ps 19:1 has been his favorite verse so far.

Prayer and Praises:

-Praise that Beth’s job is going well and that she is learning a lot
-Praise that we continue to have supporters making new financial commitments
-Pray that we would be able to dedicate more time to pre-field ministry
-Pray that God would continue to teach us to be flexible.