February Update

Josh and Beth Paulick on March 9, 2014

February was a very busy but refreshing month. Josh had a very busy couple of weeks at work the at the beginning of the month and we finished the month out on a trip out of town. Josh had a course near San Francisco, Ca. The course was a international humanitarian surgery course. It was an excellent course that taught many surgical skills not covered in general surgery training and it focused on doing them in a low resource setting. At the course we learned some basic orthopedic, obstetric and plastic surgery skills. These skills will be very helpful while we are working in Togo. It was fun to get away and learn some new skills.

After the course we took a few days off for family time. It was very nice to be away together and have fun together. It’s nice to regroup and remember that our most important ministry is our ministry to our family.

We continue to receive updates from Mango and it is exciting to hear about the progress that they are making. At this point they are working on hiring the employees for once the hospital opens.

Praises and Prayer Requests
-Pray that God would could to raise up prayer and financial partners
-Pray for Cindy (hospital director), Alain (hospital chaplain), and Todd (P.A.), they are working on the process of hiring employees for the hospital in Mango
-Praise that progress is being made on the hospital buildings
-Praise that we were able to spend some time away in February