September prayer letter

Josh and Beth Paulick on September 30, 2013

            Recently, I heard an interesting news report that talked about the happiest places on earth.  The top was Denmark, and the United States ranked 17th.  The part of the report that caught our attention was that Togo ranked last out of the 156 countries involved in the survey.  This definitely struck a chord with us.  There is a huge need for “The Hospital of Hope,” and more importantly, the One true Hope.

            We were excited to see the construction update from the hospital that most of the roof is on the OR’s and the floor is being completed.  This was definitely exciting for Josh to see.  We were able to spend some time with our recently appointed teammates, the Nattiers, and were very encouraged.  We enjoyed seeing the kids playing together and will be looking forward to our kids growing up together. 

            The support we need has gone up a little with expecting our new little one in just a few short weeks.  Our support level is at 10% of what we need to go to language school.  We are continuing to look for new ministry partners.  Although we have just under two years commitment remaining where Josh is working now, any support we receive now goes toward our outfit and passage, which is what covers our language school and getting us back and forth to Togo. 

            We are excited for our baby girl’s birth. We have about 3 weeks left until the due date (October 18th). 


Prayer Requests and Praises

-Praise that the construction of the hospital is progressing

-Pray that the construction on the Hospital would continue on pace to for it to open January 2015

-Praise that things continue to go well with Beth’s pregnancy and pray that our little girl will arrive safely

-Pray that God would continue to raise up ministry partners in the way of financial supporters and in the way of additional personnel to help staff the hospital.