Month of Prayer

Josh and Beth Paulick on August 5, 2013

            Our hearts have been heavy this month for Ramadan.  The ABWE family has been spending this month in prayer asking God that he would bring the truth to the people around the world celebrating this holiday and that they would accept that truth. I have been reading about Islam and the Qur’an recently and I continue to realize how much more I have to learn about the people we will be working with and what they believe.

            The construction of The Hospital of Hope in Mango continues to move forward. They are making some real headway on the hospital building itself and it’s exciting to see.  The walls are going up! More important though we hear reports of good quality relationships and the gospel being shared with the Togolese every month in newsletters from the field.  It is encouraging to hear the opportunities that the Lord is providing in Mango.

The new candidate class was appointed a couple of weeks ago at the ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg, PA and we are very excited that two more surgeons are going to Togo, as well a number of other medical personnel.  God is putting this team together and we are so humbled to be part of it.  It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we started on this journey.


Praises and prayer requests

-Praise that God has added to the Togo team

-Praise that Beth’s pregnancy continues to go well

-Praise for the progress on the hospital construction

-Continued prayer for Beth with 10 weeks left

-Pray for the construction of the hospital and our teammates on the field

-Pray that God would continue to raise up ministry partners for us