Acts 2 Church

Josh and Beth Paulick on June 9, 2013

           This past Sunday, we had the privilege of attending our sending church, Washington Heights Baptist Church in Dayton.  We loved being able to see our church family and to worship with them.  Pastor spoke from Acts 2, and one of the things that he talked about was how we need to view other believers in the church almost like marriage partners, needing to be able to sit together, planning together and encouraging one another.  We have really missed our church family there and were very thankful to be able to spend time with them.  We also have been enjoying getting to know people at the church we’ve been attending while living in Cambridge.  We talked again the other night about the Acts 2 church in our young adult Bible study.  We discussed what it would really look like today if we were like the Acts 2 church, where we trusted each other so much, we would trust each other with our lives, or our children’s lives.   

            May has been a month of relaxation and work.  Josh worked quite a bit at the beginning of the month to allow us to take a vacation.  We were able to take a much-needed vacation to be able to celebrate Josh being completely finished with all his testing.  We also were able to find out that we are having a baby girl due in October.  We are excited, although I think Josh is a little terrified of raising a daughter :) . 

            June will be a busy month with Josh being on call almost two weeks straight.  We are excited to be able to spend a weekend visiting Beth’s brother and his family towards the end of the month.



-The chance we have had to enjoy some time away as a family

-Being able to spend some time with our church family from our sending church

-We are having a girl


Prayer Requests

- Continued prayer for Beth and the baby through the remainder of the pregnancy

-That God would continue to work in the hearts of those He has selected as prayer and financial partners for us

-We are having a girl