Luke 14:33 What does discipleship cost?

Josh and Beth Paulick on March 3, 2013

        In our Bible study last week we looked at Luke 14:33 “So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.” They made reference to believers in the Middle East and the quote was “what we consider a progress in many parts of the world is considered a perquisite.” This made me think about how in America it doesn’t have to turn our whole world upside down to believe in Jesus (although it should), but in some parts of the world with the predominant religion that is common to northern Togo, believing in Jesus can mean being disowned by your family or your community.  For those people believing in Jesus means renouncing everything and learning how to live in a new way.  Some of them aren’t shy about it either, proclaiming Jesus, no matter what the consequence, it’s humbling that we so often, don’t live the same way.

            On another note, February has been a good month.  We started off the month celebrating Josh’s Mom’s birthday with family.  We were also able to spend Valentine’s weekend having a date night, and then spend the weekend celebrating Beth’s sister’s birthday.  Josh has had a bit of a slower month at work, so it was good to be able to get some work done on our prayer cards (They’re finished!) and our presentation.  We have found it difficult when Josh is working 50 or more hours a week to be able to work on pre-field ministry, so it has been good to feel like we are able to take a breath this month and start moving forward.  We are excited to have our first presentation at our sending church’s mission’s conference coming up in March. 

            March is proving to be a busy month.  After the mission’s conference we will be heading down to Dallas for Josh to take a board review course before he takes his oral surgery board exam on March 20th.  This is the certifying exam and the last of the exams he needs to take to be board certified.  Elijah and Beth are tagging along and hope to do a little sightseeing while Daddy is busy.  Before and after this, Josh is on call quite a few days, and we never know how busy that will be. We are looking forward to the month though, in all the busyness, we have some exciting days to look forward to. 


Prayer requests and Praises

  1. We are excited for our first presentation of our ministry on Sunday the 10th.  Please pray with us for our presentation.
  2. Please pray for Josh for his oral surgery boards on March 20th.
  3. We are thankful to be able to spend time as a family, and hopefully get a few days together sightseeing in. 
  4. Praise that we have been able to start attending a young adult Bible study


Thank you for all your love and prayers!


-Josh, Beth and Elijah